[v1.4.0+] Properties: new type 'hyperlink'

Use case or problem

I have notes for each person I know and I use those notes as Contacts as well.
So I have used frontmatter to store links to their social accounts.
But I was wondering instead of having the full url, it might make sense to just store their username for each.

Proposed solution

A new property type called ‘hyperlink’.
Basically I would have a property like ‘Twitter’ (I’m not calling it X …) with the hyperlink template of https://twitter.com/[property_value]
When if the value for example is thibaultmol would result in this hyperlink if you click away from that property field: https://twitter.com/thibaultmol

Hope this makes sense, if not, feel free to ask

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I think using templates with properties is out scope of properties unless they adopt templates to other property types. In any case your feature request implies using templates with properties which could be a separate feature request.

What comes to hyperlink property itself, I think this is easy to understand and could be useful. Just make it allow external links like

[Obsidian Help](https://help.obsidian.md)

If one wants to use templates, he could use Templates core plugin or Templater. Using these plugins wouldn’t be limited to just adding properties.

My problem with that would be that it would make a bunch of properties already filled. If someone only has or two social platforms, the template will autofill like 20 urls that won’t work cause they don’t have the username filled in.
My idea is that you just have to put in the username and it does the url itself.

I guess my FR is basically templates for properties yeah

I am gonna archive this and you can open a new one where it’s clear what you want.