Add property type for XYZ

Use case or problem

In some cases you want might want to create a property where you just enter one value but it becomes something else. Sort of like a template.

Proposed solution

For example, you want a link to a daily note as a value in a property.
Right now you’d have to type out the whole daily note link.
What I suggest is that you could configure a property like “daily note” to have a template like “[[Daily notes/(date)]]”.
You would only need to put the ‘date’ in that field and when you click away, it would become a link to the corresponding daily note.

The same could be done with web urls.
If you use properties for each social channel someone has.
You could have a property called ‘Twitter’ where you don’t have to put in the full twitter url and instead just say the username. The property would be automatically turn into the correct hyperlink based on that template.

Could this be done with the templater plugin? yesno.
If you have like 10-15 social channels (for ex) then you’d have 10-15 broken urls if they don’t have the username filled in. Plus it wouldn’t be as elegant as to just have one simple text field where you put a username in.

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Additionally, in case I use the templates feature the date-property is not useable in my template-file.

Requested Obsidian behaviour:
Change {{date}} into a current date while using a template that contains {{date}}

Update: I created a bug report for my issue, see date-property not useable in daily notes feature

What you are asking will be possible when the property API will be released and plugin developers can add (and manage) the property type they specify.

Somebody writes a plugins that understand that handle: "@jack" of type twitter is a twitter handle and links to