Using templater and system.prompt with several entries

Things I have tried

I´ve been looking in the forum and documentation but can’t find anything.
To note as well that I know close to nothing about javascript.

What I’m trying to do

I have a few templates for notes, projects and project tasks, and when created I prompt and suggest by using

<% tp.system.prompt("dueDate", "") %>


<% tp.system.suggester(["Work project", "Personal project"], ["work", "personal"], false,  "Environment") %>

In some templates I use it up to 7 times and it gets pretty bothersome to have a new pop-up always popping, so I was thinking of prompting with a single pop-up with all the required fields (Like the Tasks plugin)

Is that possible with Templater?

As a bonus point, is there a way to have some kind of drop-down for a field that could read the values from a different file? i.e. one of the prompts I use is to ask for a project, so I need to make sure not to mess up with the spelling or it will create a new tag. If I had a file with the list of projects, I could show only the available projects
I know I could make a list in the template, but this way I’d need to alter all the templates every time I create a new project


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