Templater Multi-modals?

Hi All,

Note: Apologies, if this is something that is common knowledge these days, literally been a year since my last foray into updating my vault.

It’s the time of year to re-design my templates, more important this year as I’ve ended up as a project managing for some stuff (not stressful in the slightest). Any who, I’ve been looking at templater and wondering about using forms to fill out my templates, a multi-modal pop-up of sorts. I could do this with a text box that i treat as a csv to throw into various variables, but a more elegant and native approach would be great. I also found the below-linked forum post.

But to expand on it a little, perhaps a but like this (based on my current template):

const folders = this.app.vault.getAllLoadedFiles()
					.filter(i => i.children)
					.map(folder => folder.path)
					.filter(ii => ii.startsWith("009"))
					.filter(iii => iii.split('/').length == 2);

let project_id = await tp.system.suggester(folders, folders))

let note_summary = await tp.system.prompt("Quick summary: ")

# Suggested function
tp.system.multimodal([project_id, note_summary])

So this would essentially return a form to be filled out.

Bonus points if there’s a way to integrate meta-bind into creating a templated file.

Thanks for listening and for any help.

Continuing the discussion from Using templater and system.prompt with several entries:

You should try Modal form plugin, I think it does what you want.


Thanks very much, modal-form is perfect!

Spent some time playing with this now and it is a pretty great add on to templater. Just having to convert my javascript into dataview queries and pretty much job done.

Thanks for the help!

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