Using Note Refactor to quickly create atomic notes but having a problem with Split Note by Headers

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Hi everyone! I was wondering if someone might have a suggestion as to how I could solve a technical problem I am having with using the Note Refactor plugin to create atomic notes.

At present, I go through a note (in my case Kindle highlights from a single book or journal article). My plan was to add in headings while separating out the information into atomic notes and then use Split Note by Headings - H1. I thought it would save me a lot of time compared to creating each note manually.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t quite worked. Most headings are correctly split, but some are left out or the relevant information under each heading isn’t correctly captured. On closer inspection, this seems to be because of an accidental indent below one of the headings in some of the text that follows.

Given the length of the documents and notes I am using it really won’t be possible to search through and check for random indents.

Has anyone else encountered this? Or, in other words, is it possible to use Note Refactor with it actually splitting by headings reliably? Thanks in advance (and great plug in regardless, I should add)

@ryan1992reading : This is helpful information because I use a similar workflow sometimes. One idea I had is that you could do a search in VS Code with regular expressions turned on. By searching \n it will return all new lines. So, by adding spaces after the n you would be searching for all new lines that begin with a space. Maybe you would want to add more than one space, but to be safe, I’d start with one just to be sure.

Good luck!

Thanks! Though does anyone know why it does this in the first place? I haven’t seen other users struggle with this issue with Note Refactor - I had hoped split by heading 1 would do precisely that

When I have used it, I never had this issue. I use the split by H3 and the headings have no content in them. Essentially, I just used it to quickly create a bunch of notes based on a list. I would select the list, press ctrl enter 3 times so that there is - [x] before each item, then do a search and replace, replacing - [x] with ###, then do the split.

Hope you get it figured out. If you do, keep us posted, because I definitely plan to start splitting headings with content. Thanks.

Still not resolved - though one way round is to copy everything into Word once ready and get rid of the indents there.

Odd though - still don’t understand why it doesn’t just split by the heading

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