Using Note Refactor Notes some created notes have no content

Things I have tried

I have a large note that contains many headers. I used note refactor to split it into separate notes based on H2. Many of the notes ended up being competely empty. My problem is similar to this Using Note Refactor to quickly create atomic notes but having a problem with Split Note by Headers but not exactly the same as I cannot find any of the mentioned odd indents in my file.

In my case all notes that were created after a specific Header are now empty.

What I’m trying to do

Refactor several very large notes that contain code pieces into smaller notes so I can put them into GIT VCS as separate files.

I can provide the file and the resulting empty notes if that helps.

I don’t use the related plugin. But if you check the GitHub plugin page you’ll see a lot of issues:

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I checked there.

My note does not have duplicate headers. Nor does it have the indents that are also a potential problem.

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