Using Indentation / bullet-lists comfortably

Dear all!

Maybe you have a solution.
Situation: I find it a bit cumbersome to rearange a bullet-point-list.
If I have a nested list and I want to demote/promote a bullet-point including all the sub-points, I have to edit all the sub-points.

Did I overlook some setting or am I expecting to much?

There’s a pair of hotkeys, “Swap line up” & “Swap line down” that can help you (at least for straight, non-nested lists).

Thanks: that’s definitely helpfull… no solution - as you mentioned - for nested lists though. But maybe I expect to much.

Support the feature request here :wink:

I believe you can select multiple lines and use the hotkeys, too. Ergo you can select the multiple items in your nested list and control their indentation simultaneously.

See also the multiple cursor feature:

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Thanks again. Yea, I figured that out. Still a lot of clicking, but in some ways the usual word-processing-software really spoils you :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tip - did not know about multiple cursors!

Like OP mentioned, this still requires a lot of clicking. I’m wondering if there is a way to just highlight multiple lines, and then hitting a hotkey to convert them into bullet-lists? Thanks again.

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There’s a community plugin for this, I believe, but I forget what it’s called. Hotkeys++ perhaps? AFK at the moment, so I can’t check!

If you select all lines (bullet point and its sub-bullet points) and hit SHIFT+TAB to promote or TAB to demote, doesn’t it solve the problem?


Select and hit TAB:

Select and hit SHIFT+TAB:

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This solved it for me! Thanks~

Not sure this will work for everyone, but I recently noticed that ctrl [ and ] indent and unindent regardless of cursor location.