Use the "j" and "k" keys to move around the document in Reading Mode

Use case or problem

Vim users like me would love this functionality as we are very strict about keyboard efficiency.

Proposed solution

Obsidian already has this feature in edit mode so enabling it in visual mode should be relatively easy.

It already does work. This might be a problem with your setup. I’m moving this to Help.

Make sure you test without plugins or custom CSS. Update your plugins. Re-download the latest installer and reinstall.

Otherwise, can you post your “Show debug info”?

Sorry, I expressed it wrong and I don’t know if you mean the same thing.
I want to move with “j” and “k” in preview mode which has obsidian which is activated by Ctrl+E, I don’t mean vim visual mode.

You mean reading mode? (see Read and edit modes - Obsidian Help). Vim keys operate ok in Live Preview mode ( Live preview update - Obsidian Help).

You might be interested in the plugin in the following thread - Navigating in Reading Mode with Vim plugin (no accidental editing possible :slight_smile: - Plugins ideas - Obsidian Forum.

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Yes that is a misleading phrase when talking about Vim. I’ve edited your post to say “Reading Mode” and put it back in feature requests. Thanks for clarifying!


Thanks, the plugin in beta version solves my problem, I hope it will soon become a community plugin.

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