Navigating in Reading Mode with Vim plugin (no accidental editing possible :)

yes i would also like to navigate using vim keybindings in preview mode

There is now this plugin in beta:

horriblename/preview-mode-keybinds-obsidian: Obsidian plug in to add keybindings to preview mode (vim-like key-bindings) (


I’m new to Obsidian and loving it, one thing that’s missing though is when I change the view of a note from editor to preview and want to scroll. Since I’m using VIM it’d be really helpful to keep at least the basic navigations shortcuts to scroll through a note (j, k, Ctrl + D, Ctrl + U) in preview mode. Even if you’re not using VIM I’ve found that’s difficult to scroll using the arrows since you first have to click on the note and have it as an ‘active’ window for it to recognize the scrolling arrow gestures (I use Ctrl + E to toggle between editor and preview). So in short: It’ll be awesome if the users that have enabled VIM could scroll using VIM gestures in preview mode!


I have also raise this here :smile: Support vim key-binding for navigation in Preview Mode


This will indeed be very useful. Is it possible to do this via an extension?

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moved to plugins ideas.

Check out this experimental plugin:

It would be great to have vim key binding in Preview Mode. To be clear, I would like to be able to navigate around only, for example, by supporting hjkl or Ctrl+U, Ctrl+D, g, G, etc.


Currently I have to navigate the document via mouse.
Idealy user can scroll and jump to link without mouse. I think features of vimium (1 of chrome extension) are perfectly support that.

But nevermind, I just bought a keyboard with fn-combined arrow keys. :slight_smile:


vimium like link-hinting would be great for keyboard navigation


I’d love this feature as well

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I too would love this feature. It always throws me to edit in VIM mode and then switching to preview and I have to fumble for my mouse again. I have VIM mode enabled in all apps/software that allows it or has a plugin for it.


I would love to have vimium-like feature as well.


+1 for this!

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Another +1 for this!

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Use case or problem

In reading mode, Obsidian may support at least ‘j’, ‘k’ key binding to browse in the note.

Proposed solution

At least support the following key-binding for browsing easily.
j: Down
k: Up
gg: C-Home
G: C-End
Ctrl-F: PageUP
Ctrl-B: PageDown

Current workaround (optional)

Related feature requests (optional)

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+1 subscribing into this.
must have feature.

+1 from me! Would be a game changer in my workflow!

I implemented this as a plugin, you can install it with BRAT or manually.

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+1 for link-hinting if it’s like “jumpy” in VSC jumpy - Visual Studio Marketplace