Use standard MD links for images

A related problem is that when using standard image links, the right click menu to open the image in native app is missing.

So if you choose to stick with compatible link formats, large images become unreadable when they are resized down to fit Obsidian’s view, with no way to open them at full size.

edit: added this as a bugreport



Wondering if there has been any update on this.

Just came across this issue when trying to view notes in gitlab. All images are contained within the vault, in a “_attachments” folder, however gitlab doesn’t understand the obsidian method of specifying the image path.

+1 on supporting standard markdown image embedding syntax. Obsidian is an excellent tool kit for working with markdown, but it’s kind of a deal breaker to be so non-compliant with something as basic as embedding images.

I realize markdown has several “standards”, and the devs have chosen to follow one subset of them.

I discovered that obsidian does in fact support the syntax I’m using, and it wasn’t rendering in my case because I was referring to a file name that included spaces, that was generated by obsidian editor when I inserted an image. Changing the file name to the correct one without the space, or referring to the one with the space but escaping the space with %20 renders fine.

I also have found a “Use Wikilinks” option in “Files and Links” setting that when disabled allows obsidian to embed links using standard markdown syntax, see attached screenshot. I tested this and it seems to work, so it would seem this issue should be closed.

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I filed a bug for the local image copy bug here.

Holy thread resurrection, Batman!

Wiki style image / attachment embedding works fine in the most of the cases, but in some not.

This works everywhere:
![[My Image.webp]]

This works in normal places, but I’m getting formatting error in tables. It treats the | symbol as column separator:
![[My Image.webp|32]]

Read the docs.

Hi @Dirty_Hairy,

In order to use a pipe inside an image inside a table, you must escape the pipe by using a backslash. So instead of ![[image|100]], you must use ![[image\|100]]. Here’s an example:


And the render:


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This is quite LITERALLY what I was looking for, I’ve spent wayy too many hours today trying to find solutions :disappointed: