Right click menu missing from compatible (non-wiki) links

Obs 0.10.2

When using “standard” format image links (eg ![](foo.png) the right click menu to open the image in native app is missing.

So if we choose to stick with compatible link formats, large images become unreadable when they are resized down to fit Obsidian’s view, with no way to open them at full size.

I prefer Wikilink format because it works so much better in Obsidian, but many markdown editors don’t understand them.

which right click menu?

this will likely be fixed in 0.10.2, we have made some changes to standard markdown links

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In case it’s still not clear, this one:

@WhiteNoise I got 0.10.2 today, but those compatible-format links are still not providing a right-click menu. Maybe that fix didn’t make it in?

It works. We have a problem with %20 in the link still.

Oh so ![](attach/foo.png) would work but not ![](attach/foo%20bar.png) ?

yes, I filed a bug report already