Use Shared iCloud Folder as Vault in iOS Obsidian

Hi everybody,

I have got a specific workflow-problem and hope somebody here can help me out :slight_smile:

I have started to use a shared Obsidian Vault with a Friend like this: Its based on a shared iCloud-folder from my friend which I access via Obsidian Mac Desktop App. To sync this vault with my mobile devices I connected it to a shared vault via Obsidian Sync to sync files to my phone & tablet.

In general, this setup works like a charm, sync via iCloud is actually rather quick, with some occasional duplicates when we work side by side but thats not a problem for our usecase.

BUT I realized this setup has a big drawback on my side: When I am travelling without access to my Desktop Mac, the Vault would only be synced via Obsidian Sync between my devices, but not via iCloud with my friends devices. So we would only just see our updates as soon as I am back at home and my Macs Vault is being synced with ICloud. This drawback seems quite unnecessary, as I have permanent access to the shared iCloud-folder on my mobile devices while travelling.

The problem here is, that I cant select a shared iCloud folder in iOS Obsidian as existing vault (which I CAN do in desktop Obsidian), I could only create a separate iCloud Folder for a new vault and share this one with my friend - but that would just move this problem to his side :smiley:

So long story short question:

Do you know of any way to access shared iCloud folders via Obsidian iOS


Do you know a simple iOS-based solution for syncing between a shared iCloud folder and Obsidians App iCloud folder?

Thank you so much for input on this nerdy topic!

The good people in Obsidian Discord could solve this issue - the solution is rather simple:

  • if somebody shares a vault with you via iCloud, you can move the shared iCloud-folder to another location on your iCloud in Mac Finder
  • when you move the shared Folder into the TopLevel Domain of your Obsidian-App iCloud Folder, then all of your iOS Obsidian Devices will be able to see this vault as well - so no need for additional syncinc with ObsidianSync

This way, multiplayer cross-platform Obsidian Vaults are doable quite nicely :+1:

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