Sync vault between several AppleIDs

What I’m trying to do

Hi everybody,

I want to sync my Obsidian vault between my iPhone and my Mac. However, my iPhone is provided by my employer and uses a different AppleID, which makes things complicated.

Things I have tried

  1. I have installed the newest version of Obsidian (1.5.12) on my Mac (Macbook Pro, MacOS 13.6.2) and business iPhone (iPhone XR, iOS 17.4.1).
  2. I then created a new vault on my business iPhone and activated “Store in iCloud”.
  3. I then shared the vault folder in iCloud with my private AppleID that is used by my Mac.
  4. I can now see the folder on my mac, but it does not show any folders or files. If I create a new vault on my Mac in this folder, the vault is not visible in Obsidian on my business iPhone. So this is where I am stuck.

I found this topic in the forum, which seems to be similar:

but I was not able to understand the suggested solution properly.

I hope someone experienced from the community can help me :slight_smile:
Regardless of that, thanks for reading and have a nice day!

Kind regards