URL Schemes different on different macs (iCloud sync)

I use Obsidian with a to-do app. The URL scheme is perfect to connect my to-dos (from another app) to my notes.

The problem is that I have a work computer in a place and a home computer in the other. I use iCloud sync.

This is the example of the same note on them:

Mac 1: obsidian://open?vault=Bo%CC%81veda%20Personal&file=4%20-%20Arxiu%2FMedia%20Done%2FAlice%20in%20the%20Cities

mac 2: obsidian://open?vault=B%C3%B3veda%20Personal&file=4%20-%20Arxiu%2FMedia%20Done%2FAlice%20in%20the%20Cities

I suppose that given that is a file path of some sort, it’s different on different macs, therefore cannot be found from the other one.

But strangely enough, from an iOS device I can open both links perfectly and it works. How strange is that?

I’v been searching from all internet and there seems to be not a single workaround. The closest thing is using hookmarks URL scheme with obsidian: Using Hookmark with Obsidian – Hookmark

But then I can only find the .txt file, not open it directly from obsidian.

I’v only found just another person asking for it with no replies:

Is no one else searching for this solution?? Am I searching for something wrongly? Maybe my poor English is missing some crucial word to search…

It is driving me crazy.

I would be glad to pay for obsidian sync if this solves the problem, but there appears to be no difference. Wright??

Has someone found a workaround?? Or at least any documentation/conversation about it?


I’m not familiar with the problem, but:

  1. How are you creating the URL? Is it from the command, Copy Obsidian URL?
  2. That other thread looks like maybe the person opened up their vault from a different folder. It looks like one of their vaults is “Name_Obsidian”, and the other is “Documents/Name_Obsidian”.

If a person did that, then they could edit the vault in “Documents” and it would edit the notes in the subfolder just fine. Then when it syncs, the vault in “Name_Obsidian” would see the files changed. But now, Name_Obsidian is a sub-vault of the Documents vault. (Does that make sense?)

So is it possible you did the same thing, and opened the vault from 2 different locations? When you open the vault on the 2nd computer, you have to choose the same folder. The folder that has .obsidian underneath it.

If my guess is correct, this is what their vault(s) look like:

/Documents <-- this is a vault
    Name_Obsidian <-- this is also a vault

I have more trouble reading your URL, because there are so many symbols. So if you please:

  1. What is the full path to your vault on Mac 1, and the full path to your vault on Mac 2? Do you see 2 folders that have a .obsidian hidden folder? (Cmd-Shift-. to see hidden folders.)

Thank You Rigmarole

I may have done something wrong, like moving files. But I don’t think so.

I’m creating the URL as you say: ‘Copy Obsidian URL’ in the command bar.
These are the two original paths from each mac:

/Users/enric/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~md~obsidian/Documents/Bóveda Personal/4 - Arxiu/Media Done/Alice in the Cities.md

Mac mini:
/Users/enric/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~md~obsidian/Documents/Bóveda Personal/4 - Arxiu/Media Done/Alice in the Cities.md

They seem to be the same. As you can see, I use iCloud.

Another thing that I just realized is that I use a lot of Spanish and Catalan words. They have many accents, and now I see is one of the places that generates different characters…

Is this the possible problem? Special characters like accents?

These are the two links generated by obsidian:

Mac mini:


Bóveda Personal in the file path seems to create Bo%CC%81veda%20Personal in the mac mini and B%C3%B3veda%20Personal in the MacBook.
It generates a diferent piece of URL in this part…

I will try in a few days on testing with another vault and then report back. If this is the problem, it appears that I will have to rethink the way I name files and folders and also edit the ones I already have…

Or maybe there is a way to always create the same URL value? Or perhaps is something entirely different…

Thanks again!

You showed two paths to a full note. I’m asking to verify what the path to the vault is.


You were right.

Trying to change the accents on the vaults, I discovered that the vault paths pointed to different folders, as you described. I didn’t understand at the beginning.

I greatly appreciate your help, and apologies for the delayed response.

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