Uploading/downloading vaults from pc to laptop rapidly

Hello, I have 1 pc for home and 1 laptop for university. I don’t need real time syncing because I only need to update my vault files once every 8 hours (also I would like to store my files locally and not in a cloud). Is there a way of uploading my files from laptop to pc by a click of a button? Basically: syncing but semi automatically?

Or if that is not an option - I would like to have something that doesn’t eat up my laptop memory and is fast.

There are a multitude of sync options available for this kind of syncing. My preferred tools, which I’ve used on both Mac and Windows, is FreeFileSync. Currently I’m using it to sync against a Dropbox folder (locally), but it can be setup between any folders available through the file system.

I like this particular mostly because I feel it’s easy to configure for my needs so far, and I find it easy to check/control direction of sync if I’m in doubt which version I want. I also find it easy to exclude files/folders if need be.

But this is just one in a plentiful market so read some reviews on various sync tools, and see which you like.

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You can use git (slightly more advanced, with file versioning). Install GitHub Desktop on both comps, and that’s it.

See one of the threads avaliable on Obs. Forum:

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