[Updated Plugin] ObsidianClipper for Thunderbird Email v0.3.0 is Live

As I mentioned before, I have created an Add-on for Thunderbird that clips emails to the Obsidian note taking app called ObsidianClipper. The latest release is now live on the Thunderbird Add-On page .

New features in v0.3.0 are:

  • Color Coded Message Tags - Add ‘_MSGTAGSLIST’ in your template to insert a list of Thunderbird tags as Obsidian tags in your note. Supports the color of the Thunderbird tag in the Obsidian viewer.
  • Clickable email IDs - Add [click here to open](_MSGURI) to a template to click in Obsidian and open original email in Thunderbird.
  • Additional time/date fields - Use Year/month/date/hour/minute/second to format time any way you want.
  • New character substitution options.

If you use both Thunderbird and Obsidian, please take a moment and try it out. You can either search for “Obsidian” in the Thunderbird
Add-On manager (Settings->Add ons and Themes) or download a file to install directly .

You can post general comments here but I have a github page
that’s a better way to reach me and is better for tracking issues and feature requests. Please let me know what you think!

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