ObsidianClipper for Thunderbird Email Client

Not an extension on the Obsidian side, but I have created an Add-on for Thunderbird that clips emails to the Obsidian note taking app called ObsidianClipper. It has been approved
by the Thunderbird development team and is now live on the Thunderbird Add-On page.

If you use both Thunderbird and Obsidian, please take a moment and try it out. You can either search for “Obsidian” in the Thunderbird
Add-On manager (Settings->Add ons and Themes) or download a file to install directly.

You can post general comments here but I have a github page
that’s a better way to reach me and is better for tracking issues and feature requests. Please let me know what you think!


I coincidentally just began using Thunderbird to combine my Gmail inboxes instead of opening two browsers to review separate email accounts. I look forward to trying this and giving a review!

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Ah! I was just looking for something like this before the new year, but the workarounds were a bit clunky. I will be trying this tomorrow. Thanks!!

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That sounds very useful! I will try it out. Thank you!

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Please let me know how it works for you. I want to make sure it is useful for people.

First impressions:

  • Useful that some templating is possible.
  • I think being able to save selections from an email to notes would be useful too (but I think than I probably should rather make that a general rightclick option across applications)

The use case for me in the past days was to save an email and then mark the actions in it for use with the tasks plugin. This seems very practical to me.
I usually add a few words to things I add to Obsidian (for instance from my webclipper or feedreader) which I can do without switching to Obsidian, here you do leave Thunderbird and have to return (although it does provide a way to immediately add/edit the note)

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You’re actually the second person to suggest a workflow like this (see item “A” here). I’m going to add it to the feature list and will let you know its status when I’m done prioritizing.

EDIT: To clarify, the other user wanted to be able to add a few comments to the note and then save it away without changing focus from Thunderbird back to Obsidian. I was not talking about the selection/clip mechanic, although that could be looked at later. Please let me know if this captures at least some of what you’re suggesting.

Yes, being able to add a few comments before saving it away in the vault would be very useful. E.g. I might add a specific project tag, or a link to another file I think is relevant here (I have a little hotkey that allows me to search for a note title and then pastes that title as markdown link)
The selection stuff is a different thing.

I’m glad I found this plugin.