Update to Chrome engine 92+ (@font-face: size-adjust needed)

Use case or problem

Chrome 92+ based browser engines support @font-face: size-adjust which I need to adjust CJK replacement fonts. (Make English + CJK mixed page look better.)

Proposed solution

As far as I can see Obsidian (0.12.12) runs with a Chrome 89 engine. Could you upgrade to using Chrome 92+?

Current workaround (optional)

Ignore different text sizes and accept the bad look.

Note: On the Obsidian mobile 1.0.4 (Android), this already works very nicely!

Related feature requests (optional)

The chrome version depends on electron. We update electron periodically.

So this feature will “creep in”. Good. Can you say (approx.) how often you update Electron?

No approx timeline. A version of electron with chrome 92 isn’t even stable yet. We generally update a few months after a new major stable release.