Unlinked mentions in outgoing links not populating

Yes, I’ve seen this bug reported over at: "[Outgoing Links]->[Unlinked Mentions]" Not detecting outgoing unlinked mentions

I create a note called ‘testnote’.

I create a second note called testnote2 in which I type ‘testnote’.

In testnote2 the unlinked mentions (when expanded) says; “No unlinked mentions found.”

Please post your debug info (Cmd/Ctrl + P → Show debug info) and try in the sandbox vault (F1 → Sandbox vault).

The unlinked mention won’t display in ‘testnote2’ because that’s the name of the note itself (also, ‘testnote2’ isn’t written anywhere in your vault).

If you look in the ‘testnote’ Backlinks > Unlinked mentions, ‘testnote’ is mentioned there because it’s written in ‘testnote2’.

If ‘testnote’ is mentioned in a third note, it will show up here as well.

It works for me.

can you post a screen recoding of this not working in the sandbox vault?

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