Universal Todo List and Filtering Out Ticked Tasks

The ability to create tasks anywhere is great, but it’s easy to forget them. The ability to see all todo lists in one page coupled with the ability to hide or filter out ticked tasks would make Obsidian a really powerful task management tool.


This would be a plugin, not a core feature, lots of discussion about this already.


One way is to use the todo script here https://github.com/mm53bar/obsidian_utils

It will loop through all of the markdown files in your notes directory (including subdirectories) to find any lines that follow the syntax for empty checklists. Then it writes them all to a file called TODO.md in your notes directory.

I haven’t used it personally but here’s a video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bT896BL8SYM

Hope it helps!


That sounds pretty good. Thanks for sharing!

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