Follow-Up / ToDo as a First Class Object

As a user, I want to be able to create ToDo’s or Follow-Up items in different notes and then be able to view all ToDo’s referenced in notes in a dynamically generated view (or Note).

I’ve started to create notes as singletons, e.g. one note per subject and only one subject per note. So my daily note has turned into a list of things I want to do, a summary of my day, and then links to the notes I’ve take that day. One of my challenges is carrying over and tracking ToDos.

When I start my day, I generate a new Daily Note from Template then copy over my ToDo’s that are still open from the previous day. This gets further complicated as I add ToDo’s outside of this Daily Note. In a perfect world, I would be able to do the following:

Start my day by creating a Daily Note. I hit the (insert key here) and get a list of ToDo’s that are listed in all my notes (a la Internal Links). I can then add those ToDo’s that I’m going to be working on by referencing them. Later that day I create a new Note for a Meeting. In that Meeting I add a ToDo on that note. I then jump back to my Daily Note and add that ToDo as something I’m working on. A few weeks later I want to see open ToDo’s, so I go to the ToDo plugin and see all my ToDo. I click on a specific ToDo item and see that I’ve included this in several Daily notes.


Great brains think similarly!


How about an implementation like this?

You have a dedicated todo note. When you create a todo inside another note it automatically links and copies the todo the to the dedicated note

  • [ ] my todo from [[My note]]

On marking it as done, it will follow to the linked note and use regex to fill it. It will also do this vice versa.

You might need some extra stuff for deletion etc.


Just wanted to point out the workaround I found it this great post:

Just use [[ToDo]] and then the “ToDo” Page backlinks has all your ToDo’s… it’s actually working fairly well for me.


If you have a lot of already done tasks (checkbox is ticked), the backlink list of the todo page will be chaotic sooner than later…

maybe it will add just unticked todos ?