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Hi there!

I need to reinstall Obsidian and I tried dragging the app from Applications to the trash and it removes obsidian but there must be some hidden files retained since some things are remembered when the application is re-installed

Can someone tell me how to completely uninstall Obsidian so I can start fresh?

What kind of things? Plugins, themes, notes, css snippets, etc…?
All these “things” are placed in your vault folder - the folder(s) you defined for your(s) vault(s). Besides notes in these vaults, all other mentioned “things” are placed (in hidden folders) inside the same vault folder.

The reason I ask is that my searches for the problem I am having EPERM said to uninstall the application — but that advice was for Windows platform and they mentioned to uninstall and clear a folder called AppData — i guess im wondering if there is a folder somewhere on my Mac that is causing the problems

If only about a new install of the app, you just need to download it from website and install over the older. All other “things” are inside each vault in hidden folders. As far i know, nothing more.

These might help…

Basic, which you already tried



That’s where it stores other data you might want to delete, if it doesn’t happen automatically. (I don’t use Mac, so no idea how it works there.)

Thank you I think this is what i needed

@koala is right. I forgot the preferences/support folders.

  • /Users/username/Library/Preferences/md.obsidian.plist
  • /Users/username/Library/Application Support/obsidian
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