MacOS: Want to do a clean install (but keep vault content and organization)

I found a similar request here - are these the best practices?

For context, I was having plugin issues and after tweaking a bunch of settings I would like to try just doing a fresh install by getting rid of all Obsidian plugins, system settings, etc., but maintain my vault contents/organization.

What is the best/safest way to go about this? Thank you

The settings, plugins, etc. for each vault are all saved in a hidden folder called .obsidian at the top level of the vault. Move it out of the vault to reset the vault’s settings. Your notes, folders, and attachments will be preserved.

Also remember that because Obsidian bites are just files, you can always restore them from your backups. (If you’re not backing up your computer files already, now is the best time to start!)

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Thank you. Will that file be replaced automatically? I was originally thinking I would delete the Obsidian app and settings then reinstall, unless you think this is the cleanest way?

Also, I do back up all my computer files in OneDrive (but not through Mac Time Machine or something like that). So this omits settings. Do you do something different?

Yes — if that folder is missing, Obsidian will make a new one with the default settings.

I think you don’t need to reinstall, but it won’t hurt anything. Obsidian does store some global settings in a system folder, which reinstalling would presumably clear out, so that would be the most thorough. I don’t know what it stores there (besides Sync settings) since most stuff is vault-specific. How Obsidian stores data - Obsidian Help

I use a backup app (Arq) configured to save to online storage (B2). I haven’t setup Time Machine yet (:see_no_evil:) but have been meaning to because it’s good to have >1 backup and nice to have a local one.

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