Unify/standarize task management

Use case or problem

There are definetively a lot of tasks and organization plugins and it is possible to create custom task and event management workflows. However, it is not easy or simply not possible to impelmet some workflows. Specially for multiview systems acros all the vault with features like calendar, kanban, recurrence, time tracking, creation/edition from the different views…

The main blocker, as pointed out here and on other posts is the lack of standarization, which does not contribute to a developer/user friendly scenario.

Proposed solution

Choose an standard?
Create a core Obsidian management tool?
Replicate the Logseq Agenda plugin?

Just want to open this discussion and understand this apparent gap.

Current workaround (optional)

My reference of the best task management experience in PKM plain text apps is the Agenda plugin from logseq. I think a lot of users would take advantage of such a plugin in obsidian. So far, most complete plugin (not focused only on daily/periodic notes) is TIME RULER plugin. In my opnion it deserves much more atention because I think a lot of people would use it but is new/underrated at this moment in my opinion.


As you can read, this is not totally a pure request or solution proposal, but first I just want to understand why it seems that the task management part seems to be underrrated, avoided or simply maybe not very relevant for the users…?

Thank you.

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Ok maybe this specific question has been covered already? I don’t think so, but if the answer is already in the forum, I would appreciate the reference. Thanks.