Unable to create back link. Help!

Steps to reproduce

See description below

Expected result

Following the method outlined in Help section, using [[ ]] I expected to create a link between notes.

Actual result

As detailed below, ‘creating the link using [[ ]] from the pop up menu created an empty duplicate of the intended note.


  • Operating system: Mac Catalina 10.15.6
  • Obsidian version:0.8.4

Additional information

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I’m not sure where this belongs but I’m having a terrible time creating back links using [[ ]]. When typing the first two brackets the Popup appears with the suggestions. I type out the first few digits of the dated title (20200820…) find the appropriate file select enter and the blue text appears in the Note. Placing the cursor over the blue text results in a ‘box’ appearing indicating that the file has NOT been created Yet (although it was created AND appeared in the suggestions). If I select yes (create) then I have TWO (2) notes with identical titles, (1, the original) with data and the (2nd) BLANK. Any idea what’s happening? And one more question: 2 days ago this was happening, yesterday it wasn’t and today IT’s BACK. All on latest Obsidian ‘beta’ release

MACMini with latest release version.

Thanks in advance.

I am sorry but I am not able to follow. Can you post a gif\video recording?

The bug you linked was fixed in 0.8.5 which has not been released yet. If you think it’s the same bug, just wait.

Actually, it may well have been fixed, but with a little further investigation (with trial and error) I think I may have stumbled on what is occurring but NOT why it’s occurring. A little back ground, if I may. Prior to using Obsidian, I was using iAWriter as my quasi Zettelkasten. It too uses Markdown. Both Obsidian and iAWriter point to the same folder (Zettels) in my iCloud structure. Titles of notes in iAWriter consist of first a date structure followed by text- (202008201520 this is a test). Longer story short, if I create a NEW note from within Obsidian using the Zettelkasten plug-in (just numerical date), I can back link to/from other notes within the folder. If the note/zettel(s) were created by iAWriter with text in the Title, than I CAN NOT back link between those using Obsidian.

So, my question becomes, if the above is correct, can Obsidian code be modified to ‘work’ with iAWriter title structure that uses Date + Text?

Obsidians upports Zettlel ID + title. Obsidian a very broad class of filenames. The maybe something odd in the filenames generated by iA Writer or iCould.
Or maybe is something else.

If you want, put in a zip file some of the files that are creating you problems and I will have a look (send a DM or condact me on discord chat).