Unable to adjust a pane's size with a pen( of Surface Pro)

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Steps to reproduce

  1. open a note
  2. split the windows vertically or horizontally
  3. try to use the pen to adjust the width or heights of a note pane

Expected result

Adjusting the pane size like when the mouse is used.

Actual result

the boarder can be automatically highlighted when the pen is hovering or clicking on he boarder, but the adjusting icon will not show up and there is no way to adjust the size consequently.


  • Operating system: Win10, with Surface Pro 4 with a sytlus pen
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.2

Additional information

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Please, open a feature request.

Sorry for the disrupting.
I thought this use case(supporting Surface with pen) was covered by the Windows version. I don’t mean to increase your work load, honestly.

BTW I think the Surface with pen maybe a platform for testing the application scenarios where the touch screen or pen is considered.