Typing issues on Android

Hi everyone,

I’m having an issue since yesterday.

Whenever I type a word on Obsidian on Android, the cursor automatically moves on the left of the first letter of the word. For example, if I wanna write “hello”, I’m gonna type “h”, the cursor will automatically go to the left of the “h”, and the “ello” part will be written on the left of the “h”. So it will write “elloh” (I will let you guess how fast the annoyment can appear when you have to write a text ahah).

I precise that I don’t have this issue with other applications (SMS, browser, etc.)

Does anyone have a clue about how to solve this issue?

Thank you very much in advance, I wish you all a great weekend :slight_smile:


I haven’t created a new vault.

I read your answer several times, sorry, but I don’t understand the meaning of your answer.

I didn’t understand your answer with the “expected results”, or steps to reproduce, what do I have to do concretely to have my cursor back on the right as usual?

According to what I understood from your message (but I really didn’t understand the meaning of your answer, with the samsung SM X700 and stuff like that), yes, I use the “-” bullet in every note I have in Obsidian. But I also used the bullets before, and I didn’t have this cursor issue before.

Can you explain your answer and how I can solve the cursor issue?

Thank you :slight_smile:

It is a known issue that they will be fixing soonTM.

I hope they fix it soon, I’m having the same problem, but I find that typing the first letter of your sentence, then putting a period in front of it, then typing directly in-between them helps, and will prevent this issue, but I’m hoping they truly fix it because it’s REALLY annoying

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