Typewriter Mode (Hemingway Mode) – don't allow editing as you write

Hey forum,

I’m now using Atom and a few plugins to achieve a “Hemingway Mode”.

You can only add text and only at the end. A typewriter experience. You cannot select text. You cannot move the cursor. And you cannot backspace/delete.

To force you to write. It’s for the editing addicted like myself.

How great would it be if someone can pull off a plugin like that. One click Hemingway mode.


Would be brilliant for free-writing or ‘1 K words a day’ style notes.

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Partway there:

Dangerzone (FlowState-like plugin prototype)

Definitely going to give that a try. Thank you!

I have a knee jerking reaction to “timers”. But, this does sound like a good challenge.

EDIT: I have just wrote a rough draft of about 200 words in 60 seconds. This is great Ryan!

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That is what I thought!