Typeover for Ctrl-F search feature

When I press Ctrl-F, the cursor is positioned at the end of any existing text in the search box. Thus, pressing Ctrl-F and starting to type a search term merely appends the new search term to existing text, which is rarely if ever desired. Instead, I want Ctrl-F to select existing text so I can type over it. This is how Ctrl-F works in virtually all text editors (and web browsers, etc), afaik.

Related to (but not a duplicate of): Clear search results


+1 if I could search and select it or select all, it would make my workflow so much more efficient.

I know it is less handy with an extra step of Ctrl A.

Its counterpart Ctrl Shift F (all-notes search) does cursor in and prehighlight previous search terms. And an Esc does not clear the search terms (not the case for Ctrl F).

Different design objectives, may be.

+1 for this implemetation.

Trying this in Obsidian v0.13.23 and it seems to be implemented already.
Can this be moved to Feature archive?