Clear search results

There should be a button or “x” to clear the search text from the search text box.


I would even add that simply pressing ESC should exit out of the search (or clear and a second press exit). This would speed up using the search function and keep everything cleaner.

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+1 to add “X” to clear search text

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A big +1 for this request! :+1:

I would propose a combination of the original request from @Luhmann and what @MichaelMcDonald suggests.

A possible UI integration could look like this:


And for a more fluent way the behaviours could be:

  • Pressing <ESC> to clear the search field and results or…
  • Clicking on the “X” icon to clear the search field and results

So we don’t need a new shortcut while the <ESC> key is an intuitive “cancelation” button for most users…I believe. :wink:

Meantime, a very temporary hack is this: change the type of the search-input element from “text” to “search”: e.g. <input class="search-input" type="search" placeholder="Type to start search...">

That will give you an “X” in the search box that will indeed clear search results.

When you do that, the search box will look a little funky, so you’ll probably want to add a couple lines of style to the .search-input css such as: padding-left: 5px; height: 30px;

This was implemented at some point. Will soon add button to graph search too