Trying obsidian in a corporate environment

I have been trying Obsidian on a personal basis for a few months and i love it.

I want to use it in my day to day work and i want my manager to buy licenses for my team.
My goal would be to create one huge obsidian vault for our entire project.

But to do that the team (~10 people) need to be able to access the same vault and update it at the same time. (similar to google docs)

Is this possible to do with the commercial license? I have not been able to find a clear answer to this.


See this feature request: Live team collaborative editing. I think there are some other threads where people discuss their current setups in trying to accomplish this. But from what I remember, there used to be one issue where if two people were editing the same note simultaneously, it was possible for the changes made by one person to be pushed to the vault of the other, thus overwriting some of their most recent changes within that note.

Good luck!

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The commercial license doesn’t enable any new functionality — it’s just a license. There are various options for collaboration, but real-time collaboration on the same file like Google Docs isn’t possible now.

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In the Obsidian roadmap, the following is listed under “Planned”:

Sync collaboration improvements
Tracking changes across the vault.


Just to clarify, I think it is possible with Obsidian Sync (it can resolve conflicts), but we can’t, for example, see another member’s cursor with his/her name.

This is true, but its conflict resolution sometimes produces funky results. I try to avoid letting it happen when I’m switching between devices by myself and wouldn’t feel comfortable relying on it for live collaboration.

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