'Translucent window' setting results in increasingly laggy window drag movements as mouse polling frequency increases

Also, since the issue is apparently caused by a mouse polling rate significantly faster than the screen refresh rate, it may be relevant that my mouse is a Dell MS116t. According to this testing site, it seems to target a mouse polling rate of about 125Hz. Since this is a basic office mouse, I haven’t yet found a way to modify this, but others with fancy gaming mice might try reducing their rate.

Update: No dragging problem on my home PC:

  • v1.0.3, installer v0.15.9
  • Windows 10 22H2; just updated last night.
  • i7-4770K/GTX 1080
  • Hardware accel turned on
  • Transparency effects turned on in Windows Settings > Colors

I guess the newer installer brought the regression with it.

Update 2022-11-23: (27 days later): Also, FWIW, the new Windows terminal doesn’t have this problem on the machine if I set it to use acrylic for both the tab bar and the main area (although it refuses to use transparency when not the focused window). I tried the vibrancy vscode plugin mentioned by @Roundlay above, and it does have the lag. So, I guess it’s an electron thing. Currently on v1.0.3 installer v1.0.3 still; we’ll see if it improves with the 1.0.4 installer that @WhiteNoise suggests will be out soonish.