Translator Plugin

The idea here is to make use of an open source translation tool to provide in-editor support for translating selected words or phrases from a language to another language.

Currently I’m still investigation options to provide this in a straightforward UI/UX way.

One option would be to have some sort of syntax for words that we are typing in place:

@Iron rusts from disuse:fr

will output

le fer rouille de la désuétude 

Looking forward to hear your thoughts on this :crossed_fingers:

The first release version is coming soon.
There are some differences to the initial approach.
The way it’s now implemented allows you to write

fr:Iron rusts from disuse and then invoke the command Insert translation over the selected text

That sounds neat. If you hover over it, will it show the original? That would be very useful, kind of like how language crush does it. If there’s a way to work something in like that, that would be so awesome. People pay $100+ a year to be able to use LingQ and other services like that for language learning.

First release of Language Translator has arrived :partying_face:

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