New Plugin: Language Translator


The Language Translator plugin was recently released. It allows you to translate selected text into the desired language. This is based on a free instance of Azure Translator. (Please do not abuse it)

Word of advice

Keep in mind this is an initial version and that the plugin interface is subject to change!


fr:I want to break free

First part is the prefix containing the language code (See codes here) Second part is the actual text for translation.

Select the text and use the shortcut to translate it to the prefixed language

Text selection limited to 1000 characters

Github Reference here

PS: If you have recommendations please let me know :slight_smile:


I would really appreciate some feedback regarding the quality of translations.
I’m thinking of adding the possibility of choosing your translation engine:

  • Google Translate
  • Azure Translator
    But that may be helpful only if you need some language that is not included in the Azure Translator, or the quality is not on par with your needs.

Currently, the engine provided by Azure has more quality for the translations.

PS: Azure Translator does not offer Latin as a translation language - for those of you who need this

I want propose 4 features:

  1. Add opportunity to use my own Google translate credentials (it will allow me translate really big amount of text spending my money for Google API using)
  2. Add opportunity preview translation. For example you select any word, click ctrl and hover mouse onto it and you see variants of translation of this word.
  3. Add opportunity auto generate partial translation. For example you select text, press hotkeys and there are near your text auto-generates tranlation in ( ) quotes.
  4. Auto-decision to which language translate.
    I dont know how about Americans. But for example I am Ukrainian. I mostly use either Ukrainian or English. Sometimes I need translate some text from UA to EN. Sometimes I need translate some text from EN to UA. It would be good If I (user) can set 2 prefered language. And if I try to translate UA to EN then translator automatically set preference UA to EN or vice versa. I will show you example Monosnap

Thank you Andrii, valuable feedback :+1:

Item :four: is partially implemented - plugin now allows for selection of default language.

Although, automatically switching the default language based on your usage requires additional settings. Feel free to add this to a feature request on the Github repo

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I’d like to propose a couple features as well:

  1. The ability to define multiple languages to translate to assigning them to a hotkey shortcut
  2. Current max word count is 1000, in my use case it would be ideal to translate a whole page at a time.
  3. My notes I’d like translated are to help communicate projects with vendors in manufacturing. This involves a lot more technical concepts and makes the translation accuracy decrease. What if you built a way to help “add to translation” to help increasing the accuracy, kind of how .css snippets can be added to override an initial translation. Ideally the Azure language accuracy can cover technical topics.

I don’t know how to use this properly. Can you share a layman-friendly tutorial or video of how to use this?
if i put in “vi:Hello” nothing happens or changes. if I put in “vi:xin chào” nothing also happens. Can you help me?


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Sure! (I will update the readme as soon as I can)

The idea is that after you write vi:Hello you need to select the text and apply the Language Translator command => using Ctrl+Shift+R


Oh my god, thank you so much!

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can you share a screenshot on where the translation is displayed? I select a text and nothing happens

Translation is done in place. It will replace the previous text with the translation.
PS: @nnn proposed this in another topic => TLDR: the ability to see the original text on hover

A few updates have been made to the plugin. Max word count is now 2000. We can increase it, of course, but it all depends on the quota for the Azure Cognitive Service.

Currently I’m running a free cognitive service which allows a max of 2 million characters per month.

As such the max can be increased, but could be detrimental to other users using the plugin in it’s provided form.

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback via the github repo

This is absolutely great plugin :heart_eyes:

Have you considered using or anything similar to support you and the Azure service quota?

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You can support my work via kofi
Thank you for the kind words!