Transclusion on export

Am I missing something about transclusion? (Forgive me if this is a newbie question, but I haven’t been able to find an answer searching on the forum.)
It’s great to be able to see embedded files in View Mode, but I want to transclude files in a file and then be able to open in default app (Typora etc) and export the whole thing including transcluded files as a single PDF, .docx etc. But all I get with the exported file is the Markdown instruction, not the desired result. Is what I want to do simply not possible at present?


Not possible. Probably never will be.

@bernardo_v, can you expand on why it “never will be”? Is it a bad idea for some reason or technically difficult? I would like this ability also.

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I am now realizing that not having transclusion on export is actually a huge limitation of Obsidian. Anyone who aims to write anything long-form, using a note primarily made of links (i.e. a Table of Contents note or an outline note) to organize a longer piece, where the links target smaller notes that are paragraphs, will face an unpleasant surprise upon finishing and learning that there is no way (that I can see) to export the whole document without 1) manually cutting and pasting all individual notes or 2) using some external program to parse the markdown files and combine them.

If anyone is aware of any Windows programs (other than the command-line Pandoc) that can combine markdown files in this way, please post here. I’m now scared to write articles in Obsidian!


Have you tried Writemonkey? I’m thinking that might be a way to write multiple files in Markdown and combine them as a ‘project’. Haven’t tried it myself, but the writer says it’s possible.

I actually misread something which rendered the idea unfeasible. Simply exporting a file with the transcluded content replacing the placeholder should not be difficult at all. I’m sure this will be possible at some point.


Not possible right now, will be part of our Markdown export functionality.

Obviously after exporting to non-Obsidian flavor markdown, embed won’t auto-update any more, so please do that as a snapshot. We might add an HTML comment to indicate where the embed comes from, so that the connection doesn’t get lost.

If you’d like getting it tracked, please post a feature request.


This will be a great feature to have.


Can‘t agree more

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+1. Being able to print/export as a pdf is essential.

Hi there,

I’ve been away a while…what is the current state of export? Can we export to Word with transclusions easily?