Insert paragraph links for .docx export (Pandoc)

Things I have tried

Hello everyone,
I’ve spent quite a long time setting up Obsidian so I can quickly relate my notes from literature and insert formatted citations.

So far my workflow starts from Zotero, where I export my PDF notes using mdnotes plugin into Obsidian. Then I have an outline note where I build my main text and insert my PDF’s notes as embedded links.

I set up obsidian’s citations and pandoc plugins so I can insert “@citekey” that eventually get translated into short (i.e. " some text (author et al., year)") and full citations (i.e. “Authors, year. Title of the article/document. Other details”) at the end of the document.

However I cannot find a way to insert the content of my embedded links so they are included when I export them into a .docx file.

The way I see it is (1) I copy the specific content of my embedded link into the main note (automatically if possible) and then export it into a docx file with pandoc. Or (2) add a specific argument to pandoc so it can read the embedded link and include its content in the final docx file.

What I’m trying to do

I attach some pictures so you can imagine what I mean.

This is the Edit view of an Outline note:

When seen in Preview mode you can see the specific content of the “some_note_paragraph” note:

When I export the outline note using pandoc plugin it won’t read the content (no matter of the option set in “Internal link processing”) and I would obtain something like this:

And I would like to get something like this instead

Please let me know if you know of any solution. I would like to keep using Pandoc for exporting to .docx since I works pretty well for adding references.

Thanks in advance!

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