Transclusion in Obsidian

Does the concept of “transclusion” exist in Obsidian? There are some mentions on these forums, but nothing concrete. Is there any documentation about this?

Any help much appreciated.


Transclusion is simply the embedding all or of part of the contents of a note in another note, and it’s a built-in feature in Obsidian. See the Help docs on embedding notes, blocks, etc.

I’m in the process of rebuilding quite a complicated Craft document in Obsidian Publish. Would I be right in thinking, then, that I can create a block early in the document, then reuse it elsewhere?

If I need to update that block, do I need to update the original, or can I update any of the “copies” and see the change reflected everywhere?

And, more to my needs, can I embed a group of blocks (say five paragraphs) as one unit, or would I have to embed five separate blocks?


The embedded document or embedded block within a document will have a clickable link to the source where you can edit it. The change would appear in every instance where that change was embedded.

Obsidian doesn’t currently have editable embeds/transclusions. There’s a feature request for it: Edit transcluded (embedded) notes (blocks) in place (likely requires WYSWYG first)

I use GitHub - nothingislost/obsidian-hover-editor: Transform the Page Preview hover into a working editor instance when I need to make quick edits to embeds without opening the source note.

Probably 5 separate blocks, but if it works for your situation you might be able to put them in a callout or list item and embed that.

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