Transclude with Multimarkdown syntax?

The need for roundtrip file transclusion between Obsidian, nvUltra, Multimarkdown Composer, Marked, etc.

As currently implemented, Obsidian’s transclude syntax ![[Foo]] cannot be parsed by nvUltra or Marked because (as I understand it) those use the syntax of Multimarkdown, i.e., {{Foo}}. And vice versa, Obsidian doesn’t parse the MMD syntax.

Proposed solution

Could the double curly braces syntax be added to Obsidian? I love the square bracket-based auto complete feature in Obsidian (or new file creation), and this would enable seamless roundtripping using Index-type or Table of Contents-type documents of transcluded documents between nvUltra, Obsidian, and Marked (and from Marked to OPML, DOCX, etc.). This would be very helpful in turning notes vaults into long-form documents.

Current workaround (optional)

I don’t currently have a workaround. I’d have to build a BBEdit text factory (or some such) to process files between app switching. The ideal would be to have all the apps work on the same directory of files harmoniously.

Loving your work!



I would be really helped by this as well!

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