Total newbie - files vs notes in my Android app

I have just downloaded the app for my Galaxy phone. I am wondering if what this app is calling Files are the “Notes” I am hoping to create and manage. I am still in the dark ages with Windows 7 on the desktop home computer, so my phone is my only access to Obsidian for now.

Things I have tried

searched the forum and the help list here. I suspect my question is too basic…??

Notes are markdown files with .md extension file format.

I’d still try to install Obsidian on my Windows 7 (I did it for my mom’s PC a while back too), if I were you. See where:

I think casually folks say files and notes meaning the same thing, but as gino_m said, notes = .md files in your vault.

You can keep other types of files in your vault. e.g. PDFs, images, movies, etc. The supported list is here →

You can also keep unsupported file types, .docx, .pptx, etc. in your vault but Obsidian can’t do anything with them so you are kicked out to Word, PowerPoint, etc., when you click on them (on desktop Obsidian, anyway).

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Thank you for the suggestion to check the actual file format. I poked around a bit and found my vault, and the files I’d created. They have the titles I gave them with the .md extension, which means they ARE notes… so I am doing this correctly, and my app calls them files.

Thank you for how to install Obsidian on my Windows 7… we actually have a new Windows 11 machine, just need to bite the bullet and set it up (this should be my worst problem?? :slight_smile: )

Thank you very much for your help.

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