Can not running obsidian, need help

can anyone help me with this obsidian issue when open the program :
the procedure entry point DiscardVirtualMemory could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll.


Which operating system are you on? And which version of Obsidian are you trying to run?

i use 32bit win 7 operating system and Obsidian 32bit ver 1.2.8

Try the 1.1.16 version here:

…and then update through the internal Settings > About screen.

Windows 7/8.1(?) can’t run the new Electron version that comes with the 1.2.8 installer. :frowning:

Not sure about 32bit…
There’s a -32.exe.

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yes, i’ll try. thank’s alot my bro …

thanks alot man … i really can run this 1.1.16 version normally …

Also consider upgrading your Windows to one that is supported by Microsoft (or move to Linux or something). You’re running without security patches.

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ok i will try …

I had same problem. Also using Win7 (cannot change…)

deinstalled 1.2.8, installed Obsidian.1.1.15.exe (i have this backup :slight_smile: )
afterwards use: settings/app check for updates → update to 1.2.8 und wow it works!
Need 1.2.8 for the new bookmark feature!

I hope this work also in the future. Otherwise I cannot use Obsidian. Hhhhmmm! Very bad!

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I was not aware of the problem and install 1.3.4 on my win7 PC because the program told me so. After the installation I ran into the same issues as well. Installed 1.1.16 and it runs, but that seems to be no workaround to update to newer versions. Are there any workarounds?

For the time being, you can update from within Obsidian (Settings > About).

Thanks for the info, somehow after a reboot it does update to the latest version 1.3.4. Wonder why the program direct me to a manual update in the first place if internal update is possible.

Because of Obsidian’s foundation, Electron. You will be fine for the time being, but at some point you won’t be able to update anymore.

Thanks again for the info. Unfortunately it’s a work PC and I cannot simply install a newer windows version. I guess I should just pray the company would be kind enough to have my computer upgraded by then.

You may want to point out to them that they’re doing business on an insecure, outdated operating.

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