Top of Mind Section

What I’m trying to do

I’m new to Obsidian and thinking about how I want to organize my thoughts. I deal with various different accounts in my line of work, and (probably) each account will have a master note. Within this master note at the top I will have a Top of Mind section. I use this as a way to just organize where I’m mentally at with that account at the moment…so it could be thoughts, follow-ups/action items, questions, feedback, strategy - whatever…just something that, for the time being, are the top things I’m thinking of for that account.

What I’m wondering then is, either via a home page (Canvas?) or perhaps a master ‘Top of Mind’ document, I can collate all of these sections from across ALL of my account’s top of mind sections into one view.

I’m thinking Dataview could help here, but I’ve only begun to play around with it, and since this is a section being pulled from many notes (vs. a note itself that we’re just summarizing via say properties), I’m not sure the best way to organize this into a central view.

Maybe use a text property for Top of Mind at the beginning of each account’s master doc? That could work…but since these are finite thoughts it would be nice to be able to timestamp them, and I’m not sure how to do that for a specific property (ex, text)


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There are something pretty nice examples spread across the forum on how use an inline field for a summary, which you then can style to suit your needs for visual improvement, and queries to gather all the summaries from all over your vault. One such post is listed below:

If you like Canvas, you could drag all these notes into a canvas file, then right click each one and select ‘narrow to heading’.

Edit: If you want to be able to return to the canvas in a customised zoom state and position, the Workspaces plugin lets you do that.