Toggle function for Dark Mode

Use case or problem

My need for light and dark mode change throughout the day. I of course can use the discrete functions to turn on Dark mode or to turn on light mode.

Proposed solution

Single toggle function for dark/light mode. This can be bound to one key (thereby saving a precious hotkey!).

Current workaround (optional)

Use discrete functions. Toggle is not available, as far as I know.

Related feature requests (optional)

customizable sidebar adds an option in command palette for this, so you can assign it a hotkey, or add it to the sidebar. Hope this helps!

Thanks. It is always a tight-walk between adding dependencies (plug-ins) and having functionality. Ironically, one of Obsidian’s tenets is to avoid these types of dependcncies.

In general, I try to absolutely limit my dependency on plugins, and I posted this becuase I think, fundamentallly, anything that is “on/off” should have a toggle function available.

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