Toggle File explorer

Use case or problem

When you do cmd/ctrl+p and tyle “file exploerer” there’s the command “Show File Explorer”, it would be useful if that command actually hide file explorer when it’s already opened.

Proposed solution

Change “Show file explorer” command with something like “Toggle file explorer”.

Current workaround (optional)

Manually having to close it with the mouse.

What do you mean by “hide file explorer”? You know that you can show and hide the side pane (where the file explorer is located)? You can also define a hotkey for this toggle.

“Show” shouldn’t be changed as it’s idempotent: user doesn’t have to think and scan for current state before hitting Hotkey.

there are toggle sidebar commands, maybe you want to use those.

Hi everyone, thank’s.
My fault, I didn’t thought about “Toggle Left sidebar” command, which basically does what I requested.

Please consider this topic resolved. Sorry for wasting your time and thank’s for helping.

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