Remove file-explorer-open: Show file explorer hotkey as redundant

  • Are there use cases that aren’t already handled?

I defined (added shortcut keys) this hotlink, because I mistook it for file-explorer:reveal-active-file (ADHD brain or something)

When I discovered it didn’t act correctly (for what I wanted), I found the “reveal” hotkey; it worked great, but that left me a bit confused about the “show”:

  • It doesn’t toggle the file-explorer explained here

  • It doesn’t act like reveal

  • Since it doesn’t toggle, you would expect a corresponding close hotkey, which is way less ideal than a toggle, but still

So, what is it used for that isn’t covered? It does work, but reveal is of much more use to me (I would imagine to most) From searching, I wasn’t the only one expecting something different or more. Maybe just rename the “reveal” to this?

I don’t understand you. Which command is redundant given which other command?

It’s the hotkey “show file explorer”, “reveal current file in navigation” will do the same but better. It may be a command, but I haven’t used it as such.

Okay just tried, they are all commands :roll_eyes: which I should know :sweat_smile:

I only used as hotkeys so far

they do not do the same thing.

Reveal just does more from what I can see. Is that correct or no? Would it not be able to replace"Show"? They both open the explorer, but reveal opens explorer to the current note

Yes. You may want to move to focus to file explorer without changing the selection to the current note.

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I haven’t tried, but if you toggle the sidebar, will it gain focus? I guess not… just tried. The selection will be the root of the directory right?

I guess, it does provide additional functionality, but it does seem rather minor, to me, especially without toggle and no corresponding close (I know the show/hide sidebar)

There’s nothing minor about that functionality at all. I use it extensively.
Here’s my usecase:

  • in my left sidebar I have the File Explorer, Tag Pane, Bookmarks & Search in one tab group
  • all of them have a different hotkeys to open them
  • instead of having to open the sidebar and navigating to the desired destination i can utilise one of my hotkeys to instantly open the desired pane

@Olondre That’s beyond my current understanding! :slight_smile:
maybe you can add a pic. I’m still learning obsidian.

I am confused though, if you use the"show" to open, what do you use to close, or is that currently not possible with commands/hotkeys?

If I’m understanding your use case correctly, you just overrode a main reason toggle was denied as a feature (in the original links) because they said use sidebar

Correct me if I’m wrong

To close I just use the toggle left sidebar hotkey.

But that would close your entire sidebar with Tag Pan, Bookmarks & Search would it not?

If all of them, individually, have different keys to open, wouldn’t you want a toggle or at the very least keys to close them individually?

I would love if they would also just close the left sidebar again if me using that hotkey opened the sidebar in the first place, but otherwise I don’t see this as a problem.

I basically use the toggle left sidebar hotkey as close only and all the other hotkeys as a specific way to open the left sidebar and save some time (as in not needing to navigate to another tab in the tab group and have my desired destination open instantly).

You do know that you can put things in a tab group in the sidebar, right? Just like you do with normal tabs just drag & drop.

Okay, my question to you is, why wouldn’t “reveal file in navigation”, be a good replacement for “show file explorer” in your case

(checked, reveal puts you on the file in file explorer)

I still would love to see a visual pic, maybe it’s a template thing (I haven’t used them yet)

Yes it does. But that’s not always what you want, right?
For instance, if I have opened a specific folder hierarchy that I want quick access to I can move to that whenever I want via the show file explorer hotkey, no matter what I did in between as long as what I did made no change to the position in the file explorer.

so “show file explorer” opens to the last cursor position vs. “reveal” opens to the current file. Whereas toggling the sidebar doesn’t change focus at all.

Maybe it’s just me, but the “show” still seems to bring fairly little extra, just focus. Now if it took an (optional) argument :yum: (directory or file), to me that would make it worthwhile, but I can see “focus” on last position in explorer being useful.

Obsidian has options for all kinds of workflows instead of forcing you into their own. That’s the beauty of it.

There are a bunch of hotkeys / commands that I have no use for, but others will use them daily.

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Yeah, I see value, it just seems to add more confusion because it doesn’t toggle or do anything else other than keep focus/position (above and beyond “reveal”). I haven’t tried having lots of stuff in the sidebar. I dragged a note and all it did was open it in the small sidebar.

If the sidebar allows multiple objects (which sounds like your use case), then a toggle would seem to be justified, because toggling the sidebar would close all of them instead of just the one you wanted.

At some point, I would like to play with templates, but I’m not there yet. Other priorities of course

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