To filter the graph view

+1 on text/tag filter for graph mode. Additionally, being able to see a specific number of links out from a specific “central” note would be amazing.

For me it is essential too.

Applying a (CTRL+F) solution to the graph view will help immensely.

Today, for me to find a specific node in the graph view I have to rely in my personal powers of speed reading and eye wandering labour… zoom out, zoom in… where is the node? Zoom out again… maybe this cluster here… no… well… zoom out again… losing a lot of time and sweat to just find one node…

But, anyway, the graph view is still awesome. Loving the app. Congrats!

Is there a way to access a search function in the graph view? I have a substantial number of notes and connections and it would help locate a few things faster.

Thank you!!

It seems they are working on the graph view at the moment: Obsidian Roadmap


Thank you! That is amazing!!!

Thanks Symmetry. As soon as I added enough notes I became disoriented in graph view when starting with a specific note. Hope this comes soon but great to know they are working on it.

Apparently that will start in 0.8.3, according to @Silver’s comment.

+1 for this. Rather than simply ctrl+Fing to find a specific note, I’d much rather be able to use the ordinary search feature and see matching notes highlighted in the graph view. Together with regex and booleans, this would allow fine-tuned filtering of the graph view. Seeing which clusters a particular word or tag appears most in would be very useful, I think.

+1 , being able to filter certain folders (e.g. daily notes, meeting notes) out of the graph view would be fantastic.


Excluding specific folders from a graph will be very useful. I am experimenting with building a digital Memex, where I split my PDFs into pages and OCR them, creating MD and PNG file for each page. (I want then try to apply topic modeling, TF-IDF, and other methods for each and every page—i.e., OCR output—and use those results to automatically generate suggestive reading trails on specific subjects and topics). The problem right now, obviously, is that Obsidian is reading that entire subfolder with these processed PDFs and tries to generate a network, and the more PDFs I add the slower it becomes. I want only automatic trails and my own manual notes and Folgezettels to be shown in the network.

+1 … This would be neat and super useful!

+1 Would be awesome if all the nodes weren’t artificially dragged together by a Table of Contents page!


Love all the new Graph View filtering! One more thing would be great: filter by number of links. I’m picturing a quick way to make all the “leaf nodes” go away, leaving just nodes that have multiple/many links. Set it to a high number and only get topics that are heavily linked.

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Can we add a filter to only see orphan notes?

I really like the idea of a filter toggle to filter out daily notes. Sometimes I love having them graphed but with bigger projects that have me linking to them every day, the daily notes overwhelm the actual knowledge-based notes.

You could always achieve the same effect by using toc as a tag and tag filtering
Using nested vaults with notes in one sub-vault and TOCs in another using the main vault for links between the two

I am going to close this feature request because it has been implemented. If you have further addition, open a new request for each new feature you want (be atomic!)


Yes! This is exactly what I want!

Hey guys! I found this on the reddit page. In the graph view I put "- path: “Daily” where Daily is the folder I store all my daily notes in. This excludes all those notes from being presented in the graph.

Also, do you guys have an idea as to how to filter out multiple folders for the graph using this path feature?