To filter the graph view

Yes, the graph is wonderful but it needs to be filtred to be useful, filtering by folder would be great

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i would like to choose the center node and tell the graph how many branches deep it should display.
This way i can see the graph of a specific idea/project and not always the entire structure.


You can do this from the … menu on a note pane: Open Local Graph.

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+1, please

This might be possible in Neo4j Graph View Plugin


I urgently need this feature. For example, not showing all files in the diary folder.

Just found an alternative.(-path:Diary) can exclude all files in the Diary folder. Similarly, you can use (-path:Diary) (-path:Attachments) to exclude multiple folders/tags.

Hopefully, maybe we can save the filter in a future release?


you can do that with local graph view already

Currently the ‘groups’ controls allow choosing colors. It would be nice to allow a toggle that allows us to filter out the groups as well.

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Hi, I’m not sure if I’m misunderstanding something, but when trying to filter a folder from the graph, it seems to be a 50/50 chance that it works. I put the hyphen infront of the “-path:…” thing, but it doesn’t work.

I know I’m spelling everything correctly because when I take the hyphen away the node takes the color that it has next to the group.

Any ideas?

Maybe we can create different Vaults? (Daily notes, University research I, II, etc?). So every graph is separated?

But we still want to have links between deferent “vaults”. E.g., a note in “Daily notes” mentions a concept in “university”.

+1. Must have.