Time in Tasks?

Is there any way to use time in any of the Obsidian task management plugins? I tried quite a few of them now but cannot find out how to do it. Also, it’s not mentioned in any of the github readmes and docs.

So I wonder: Is this possible at all?
Any help is warmly appreciated

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With Kanban you can use @ for dates and @@ for time. You can set those to other keys in the Plugin Settings if you want.

Ahh, thank you. I have not tried Kanban yet as I am not used to working with this approach.
Do you know whether I can use the @time variable from Kanban in other surroundings such as ordinary tasks?

Sorry, I don’t know. I have never used anything else but Kanban for task management.

Haha! Thank you!
I will have a look and see if I can make it work for me.
I would definitely prefer “normal task” management, though.

i start each task with the time:

  • [ ] 08:00-09:00 description…

and the use the tasks plugin and sort by description. tasks without a description are at the bottom

That makes sense. Thank you! Do you use any reminders?

And: Is there any way to sort things in the way of what task managers do with tags?

This might be related to your query: How to do time blocking with the tasks plugin?

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