How to do time blocking with the tasks plugin?

I create tasks all over the place in my vault. I use the Tasks plugin to automatically list the tasks from around my vault in my daily note. The definition of a task might specify the deadline or start or scheduled date, but never at what time of day I will work on it. This system works well. I don’t want to change it.

In addition to this I want to plan my day using a time blocking method like Simple Day Planner. To do this I need to be able to manually assign times to the tasks I am going to work on today. When I do this I don’t want to modify the tasks. (The task doesn’t care and such information would clutter the note it is defined in.)

In addition, to support this, I would like to be able to specify estimated duration in the task definition.

Can anyone suggest a solution?

I fear that in the world of Obsidian task planning one must choose either automatic task surfacing via the Tasks plugin or day planning via Simple Day Planner. But neither is satisfying alone.

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This is the reason I use reminder plugin instead of the task plugin. You can set a date and a time. The plugin will add a panel to collect all the tasks. Not exactly what you are asking for, but might be worth checking out.

This is exactly my use-case too. As I understand it, the Full Calendar plugin’s long term plan includes being able to do this (I think linked with the task plugin?) In the meantime, a couple of things I have tried (requiring other apps though):

  • reclaim or akiflow + todoist: write tasks in a note then use the todoist plugin to highlight the task and turn it in to a todoist task, which automatically includes a backlink to the obsidian note. Reclaim can then integrate with both todoist and google calendar to auto schedule tasks. Akiflow is similar but you manually assign tasks to timeslots. I tried each of these for a short time but ultimately it didn’t quite stick.

  • pen and paper: now my solution is just to plan out the day on paper after assigning ‘scheduled date’ to tasks.

But like you, I am hoping this will all be possible in Obsidian eventually.

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