Tikz support

I don’t know if the plugin is easy to combine with mathjax, but I think it is useful for those who want to draw with tikz.

Github link: GitHub - kisonecat/tikzjax: TikZJax is TikZ running under WebAssembly in the browser

What is tikz: PGF/TikZ - Wikipedia


Is there likely to be any follow up on this? I’m also super interested in this!

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Indeed, this would be great if someone could make this work.


100% support this, I like to take notes using latex and a diagram language like this would be perfect

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Also support this. Would be especially nice for an easy integration of tikz-cd

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I do hope some talented, smart person decides to do this for the community. It would be very appreciated. I know it sounds dramatic, but things like this exisiting raise the average i.q. of humanity.

Thank you

i neeeeeed this >_<