Are there plans to support a full Latex environment?

I’m really impressed with obsidian, but in my use mathjax does do most of the latex functions, but not the plotting (e.g. tikz graphs, chemfig). If a full latex environment is supported, additional latex packages can be imported. Like Markdown Preview Enhanced does, it would be great if this could be done.


I’ll second this. I know some other people will come by and suggest you just make real .tex files and open them in a native editor, so I would like to address their argument preemptively. I have found myself more productive than ever before since since I started doing more work in obsidian. While I have other programs that edit LaTeX, the effort required for linking to other documents is just not easy or sustainable. I would very much like to keep as many things in Obsidian as possible because I have become accustomed to a customizable editor and intuitive linking.

The biggest drawback I’ve noticed since I have started using obsidian:
I have not being exploring geometry nearly as much as I used to.

In an apparent obsession with being able to document my work in markdown, I have stopped working on things that are incompatible with markdown. As painful as tikz is for some people, having no easy access to an alternative in markdown has me (and perhaps others) feeling like they are waiting around for something better.

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This is unlikely to happen in CORE of obsidian.

There is a plugin idea for tikz

You can open another plugin ideas for ```latex blocks

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